Application Development Services

Intelligent web applications source the much required interactivity with customers to your business enterprise along with an edge over competitors in today’s aggressive market environment. Whether you are looking towards improving the efficiency of existing web applications or want to integrate absolutely novel and sophisticated applications with your business, Application Nexus can do it all. Our array of services includes development and maintenance of mission-critical web-based applications that are highly scalable, user friendly and completely comply with your requirements from the business viewpoint. The use of industry standard technology and a self-organizing team of professionals with sound technical skills enable us to develop and deliver innovative and robust solutions. You ask what you need and we make a web app for that!

Technology Deployed

Compact and flexible technology acts as the paintbrush to deliver the masterstrokes required for creating turnkey web applications. With this belief, we make use of PHP scripting language for writing the source code and MySQL as the database management system during the development phase. Being an open source technology, PHP provides excellent support for different internet protocols such as IDAP, IMAP and XML which are beneficial to further enhance the usability of applications.

Our expertise in these technologies helps us to blend them in a way that best suits the client requirements. Along with PHP, Ajax and jQuery are also used in the development to create smarter and powerful applications. Just like a sculptor carves a prefect figurine from rock, we tailor these open source technologies to develop end-to-end, strategic and cost effective web applications to benefit your business.

Client Portfolio

Application Nexus has been involved in the development of custom web-based applications for its clients and has created several web applications according to client requirements. To mention an example; we have developed and deployed intelligent tax calculation and shipping methods applications for an online e-commerce shop, using PHP and other open source technologies. The tax calculation application facilitates our client’s customers to compute taxes according to US counties and Zip Codes. The shipping methods application assists the users to select a type of shipping as per their convenience from the various options provided.

Our Development Approach

A broad outlook supported by a systematic process is the key factor involved in the successful development and deployment of web applications. We follow a proven methodical practice while approaching your projects which includes the separation of the entire work in smaller phases. The work commences with an initial assessment of your requirements and an extensive research along its line. It is followed with the planning, visualizing and designing of your application before the actual code is developed. Once a firm layout of the web application is prepared, the actual development phase begins. After the completion of source code, the application is tested on various platforms and browsers for desired functionalities and usability features. During the entire project, an emphasis is laid on the inclusion of every minute detail to deliver an optimum quality finished product. This quality oriented approach enables us to cater performance driven web application development services that create value for your business.

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