CMS Deployment

Content being the jewel on the crown of any website, should be handled, managed and placed with utmost care and consideration. Here is where the need of a web content management system arises and rightly so. Just like a well-designed bookshelf in a library where ample of books can be placed systematically in order to facilitate the readers, a content management system acts as a virtual projection using which your contents can be positioned in a vast library that we call the 'cloud’ today. Application Nexus caters its versatile CMS deployment services to business enterprises, small, medium or large. Our wide knowledge-base in the open source CMS technologies along with a bundle of experience and an efficient team of skilled developers enable us to offer end-to-end CMS deployment services to our clients. Our expertise lies in the deployment of three web content management systems; Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

Joomla Deployment

Being an award winning and open source CMS, Joomla is suitable for excellently configuring a website and managing content in an efficient way. Based on PHP, Joomla uses MySQL as the database system and is among the best content management systems for small and medium businesses. Our experience and proficiency in PHP and MySQL helps us to mold Joomla according to your requirements. We make use of various features and extensions available to enhance the functionalities of your online mouthpiece which eventually results in a better website from the usability and design standpoint. Our Joomla deployment services also include the development of custom applications as per the requirement of your projects.

Drupal Deployment

Drupal, a well-known open source content management system, is a highly customizable solution for publishing and maintaining your content in a user-friendly interface. Application Nexus aspires to offer Drupal deployment services and aid you in implementing it in your business and thereby create a dynamic and interactive website. Drupal deployment services also comprise of using available community applications or building custom ones according to the prerequisites of our clients.

WordPress Deployment

Powered by open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL, WordPress is a web content management system that can efficiently set up, maintain and optimize your website. A thorough understanding of PHP and MySQL makes it possible for us to provide sophisticated WordPress Deployment services. During the implementation of WordPress on your websites, the rich plug-in architecture of this CMS is used in order to enhance the functionality and user-interface. Our services also include the development and execution of custom WordPress applications that suit your needs and requirements completely.

Project Management

The successful deployment of any CMS begins with an ambitious approach to consider and achieve the desired outcomes. With this belief, we handle your projects in an accountable manner which includes an organized procedure and a structured execution format. Commencing with a proper planning, the requirements of every project are considered and accordingly the objectives are set. Selecting the best suited CMS and tailoring it according to your business needs is the next stride in this proven mechanism. Self-organizing team of industry professionals, the extensive comprehension of content management systems and the zeal to deliver quality oriented services enable us to cater effective CMS deployment services to gain you an edge in these viable times.

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