CRM Deployment

'Customer’ is the ultimate entity that any business enterprise works to serve. Developing and maintaining a professional relationship with the customers is the only way to keep your business growing in the global arena. The integration of customer-centered values in your business which boosts the customer relationships’ management is a proven strategy to take it higher in the corporate spectrum. But, the deployment of mission-critical CRM services in your company remains an important issue to be pondered upon. Whether you are looking towards overhauling your existing CRM solution or want to implement absolutely fresh CRM system from root, Application Nexus can provide its expertise in CRM consulting in order to assist you.

CRM Deployment – The Way We Do It!

Assessment and Planning

The assessment of client requirements before starting an endeavor builds a base structure of CRM deployment. While considering your requisites from the CRM program, we carry out an extensive research to define the objectives of the project. According to the initial evaluation of needs and wants, a strategic plan is developed which acts as the roadmap for deployment.

The planning process also involves determining which CRM software best suits your needs and can be implemented for creating a value in your business processes. The smallest of details related to technology, business strategy and customer requirements are considered in this step so that a clear route is available for the implementation and deployment of CRM with a view to achieve its objectives and increase the ROI at the same time.

CRM Software

– A CRM software system is certain to aid your enterprise in managing key business areas such as Marketing, Sales and Customer Support. There are numerous on-premises as well as hosted CRM software available for the organization of vital business operations depending on the size and structure of your business. Application Nexus offers deployment of CRM software and can customize it according to the requirements of your business. Here is an instance of how SugarCRM can be implemented with your business.

    • SugarCRM

Being commercial open source Customer Relationship Management software, SugarCRM is suitable for companies, small, medium or large. It is adaptable to any kind of business environment and is an efficient, cost-effective and flexible solution. SugarCRM has been designed on the basis of LAMP software stack. With an extensive knowledge and industry experience in MySQL, PHP and other open source technologies, we can customize SugarCRM for your business processes to create the much required value. From deployment of SugarCRM to maintenance of critical data and further software support, Application Nexus caters all these services to clients. The different tools in this CRM system provide you an opportunity to monitor sales, marketing and management departments efficiently with an opportunity to collaborate all three teams with a centralized system.

We assist you achieve three major goals by deploying CRM software; the coordinated sharing of mission-critical information, management of customer relationship and addition of new customer base to your portfolio along with the retention of previous ones.

Deployment Approach

While deploying any business application in companies, the most important factor is a goal-oriented and quality based approach. Our belief in this philosophy enables us to deliver end-to-end cost-effective CRM deployment services. A systematic procedure which involves efficient and thorough planning, perfect understanding of client requirements followed by a straightforward execution is the core of our CRM deployment services.

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