E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce is a feasible system to place your business in the cloud as the number of internet users keeps multiplying with the moment. E-commerce provides valuable opportunities to your business and renders a path where you can attain higher levels of prosperity using the power of the internet. It has emerged as one of the most successful and scalable marketing strategy for a substantial growth from the business standpoint as the number of potential customers is huge.

A quick setup and perfect execution of e-commerce solutions is what your business needs to start off with an online store. So, whether it is an existing e-commerce shop that you are looking forward to makeover or a completely new e-commerce solution to be developed from the scratch, Application Nexus caters end-to-end cost-effective services to assist your business. With extensive knowledge and experience in the e-commerce field, we respect speed and make sure your business gets going in the shortest time, but at the same time ensure that the execution is of utmost quality. Whether you are a small business or a well-established online retailer, our e-commerce solutions are very flexible and designed in a way that suits all your requirements.

Here is how our team will help you setup an online store –

Initial Assessment

Well begun is half done. The development of any e-commerce solution starts with the requirements it demands and its objectives during the execution. An initial assessment of our client’s needs followed by an extensive research on similar lines is carried out before commencing with anything else. This helps us to understand what exactly is to be done and creates a foundation for visualizing the further steps in the procedure.


In a hurricane even turkeys can fly. There are imminent examples of quite a few e-commerce stores that have failed to perform as expected just due to lack of proper planning. Considering the importance of a compact and firm roadmap, an emphasis is laid on planning your online store which is approached as per the following steps.

    • Catalogue - Our planning will analyze the nature of services you offer, your product range, the options and attributes of the products and much more. With industry standard e-commerce technologies and dedicated expert professionals, we are capable of neatly organizing largest of inventories on your online store.
    • Customer base – We will design an exact layout of the customer base that you want to target and thus amalgamate the e-commerce solution accordingly for the expected visitors of your site.
    • Components and Applications – Taking into account the requirements of your business, we plan and decide on using the most suitable e-commerce component such as Virtuemart, CS Cart or Magento Commerce that acts as a channel of interaction between you and your customers. Also, we plan on including various e-commerce applications for payment gateway integration, PayPal integration, google checkout integration, shipping integration and tax calculation.

Building your online store

An effective plan leads towards perfect execution. Based on the planning, the next step along the route involves designing and integrating the layout for your online store. Accordingly, the selected e-commerce component is deployed and it can also be customized as per the business requirements. Our skilled developers are well acquainted with the knowledge of e-commerce solutions and are thorough industry professionals, which assures an optimum quality of service.

    • Virtuemart – Virtuemart is an extension of Joomla CMS and is a robust open source e-commerce solution. If your enterprise offers products that require showcasing of many details, then the installation of Virtuemart is preferable. With Virtuemart, multiple product images for every product can be displayed along with the addition of product attributes like size and color. To provide you an edge in the global scenario, multiple currencies with various payment options and multi-language support can be introduced in your online store using Virtuemart. Virtuemart has the ability to arrange and manage limitless products and categories, product ratings, testimonials, order history, customer notifications and can be modified for much more.
    • CS-Cart – CS-Cart is a user friendly e-commerce software solution. It enables fast deployment of your store which involves a relatively straightforward installation process. CS-Cart provides an extensive variety of alternative skins which gives the flexibility to incorporate the most appropriate template for your business. It renders support for a wide range of popular payment gateways and shipping carriers and also features other options such as affiliate system, gift certificates, promotions engine and more.
    • Magento Commerce – Magento Commerce is an open source e-commerce software solution and despite being the newest player in the industry, it is fast advancing in terms of popularity due to its many powerful tools like up-sell and cross-sell. Our team can deploy many such tools based on your requirements like multi-tier pricing for good discounts, RSS feeds, Google site maps etc. It also offers flexible customer service options, shipping options, payment options etc.

Application Nexus has integrated e-commerce solutions for several different businesses to set-up an online store. Some of the e-commerce websites that we have developed include http://www.fountainsforsale.com/, http://www.powersportscovers.com/, http://www.cubeking.com/ and http://www.silkplantsdirect.com/. Our efficient team of professionals here ensures that we provide a safe and secure web based store management and administration

Once the online store has been set-up, a thorough testing of your website is carried out to check for the desired functionalities and usability features of the e-commerce component and applications deployed on your site. Our e-commerce services also include SEO solutions for your online store in order to drive more traffic and eventually boost the performance of your business in the cloud.

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