Mobile Application Development Services

The world is going mobile and we provide you an edge in this evolution. Application Nexus caters mobile application development services to business enterprises which include developing and delivering profound mobile applications as per your needs. We render our expertise in the areas of planning, designing, programming and deploying applications which serve your business requirements completely along with maintenance support. Mobile applications are created for various purposes including business, communication, security, utility, entertainment and many more. Application Nexus specializes in developing apps for BlackBerry and Android mobile platforms.

BlackBerry Application Development:

BlackBerry applications are developed in one of the two environments; the Eclipse Environment or the BlackBerry Java Development Environment. The Eclipse Environment provides multi-language support and has a vast plug-in system available. The BlackBerry Java Plug-in is an Eclipse plug-in which is used to improve productivity during the programming and debugging process.

The BlackBerry JDE is a Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) which enables portability of the programmed applications. We follow a systematic course to develop and deliver BlackBerry applications of the supreme quality. The process involves planning, programming and integrating applications according to your business requirements. A compact design of the application is visualized and created before writing the program code. The application is programmed in Java programming language by adding Java codes and classes. BlackBerry has a vast library of APIs that provide access to certain unique features of BlackBerry smartphones such as audio and video playback, data storage and sharing. In the development phase, we make use of suitable APIs to enhance the user interface, intelligence and the user experience of your application. When the source code is ready, an executable file with .cod extension is generated and is loaded in the BlackBerry simulator. The application is tested in various BlackBerry simulators and devices to check the desired functionalities of the applications. Once the tests are cleared, the finished product is delivered to you so that you can integrate it with your business. The development approach we follow is quality oriented. It ensures supreme excellence of the application along with its timely delivery which eventually creates a value for your business and gives you an edge in the competitive markets.

Android Application Development:

Android Applications are developed in the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment using the Android SDK.  The Eclipse IDE is the best suited environment for developing and testing applications for Android Smartphones. Android SDK is a software package of many custom tools which are used in the development cycle. The Android Development Tools (ADT) is a component of Android SDK which adds powerful extensions to the Eclipse IDE and enables the creation and debugging of the program code. We follow an adept and efficient organized route for developing sophisticated applications of the optimum quality. The process commences with proper planning and designing of the application followed by the actual development and testing phases. The application is programmed in Java by writing codes in the Android code editor. The Android SDK includes a vast API library which is used to integrate some special features of Android smartphones in your application as and when the need arises. The Android platform has Dalvik Virtual Machine (VM) that runs on top of the Linux Kernel and makes the execution of all programs and applications possible. Once the code is written, an executable file with .dex extension is generated which is compatible to run on the Dalvik VM. The application’s code files, resources and assets are stored in a single package file with .apk extension. The development phase is followed by testing the application on different Android emulators. An Android Virtual Device (AVD) is created in the Eclipse environment to run an instance of any emulator and on-screen replicas of real-world Android phones are generated. The developed application is tested on various Android emulators as well as smartphone devices for the desired functions and usability of the application. Once it passes the tests, the application is a finished product ready to be amalgamated with your business. The development methodology we implement aims at the fulfillment of your requirements with an objective to place your business higher in the global scenario.

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