News Generation


Every business has different strategies and objectives in mind during planning the concepts for their online publishing. There are businesses which require news articles for different purposes like brand enhancement, better business opportunities, improved search engine rankings, better communication with users, or just to develop a huge news portal. It is a challenge to achieve these objectives and to deliver the needs that your business caters.

In these times of social media outburst, there are loads of news contents that are produced virtually each millisecond and spread across the cloud at lightning speed. Owing to the high demands of tracking what’s happening in the world, publishing houses are unable to deliver on the news contents. Application Nexus can help you with the team of content writers that have delivered successful and high quality news articles for different websites as per the business objectives. News articles written by us range from technology news to communication news, from finance to green news. To sum it up, we have written all sorts of news articles on all the sectors.

We write news articles in the following manner – There are many leading news agencies like Associated Press, Reuters and Bloomberg to name a few. According to your requirements, articles are molded by referring the news articles published on these news agencies. We track the entire news story for many days, analyze it and then plan it on your site. These news articles are Copyscape passed that ensures that each word that is put up on your site is original and free from plagiarism.

Also news articles will be converted into Press releases as per your demand. Be it launch of some of your product, any key decision-making news of your business, some press conference or any other talking issue, we can write it down on a regular schedule or just one press release when you need it. We not only write the press releases but also make sure to optimize it for your keywords. We make sure that the press releases comprise the building blocks of your successful business.

As a part of online media, we deliver our work keeping in mind the ethics of online journalism. This ensures that every word we write is factual and accurate referred from a fair source.

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