Co-Source Design Solutions with Us

Designing is not just about a brand logo and some colors meshed together with a few attractive pictures and posting them collectively. Every designing aspect and each pixel of your design is disguised as a letter and in unison they speak out about the product and the spark of your business which stays there forever. There are many businesses who have failed to notice the transitional phase of designing and its evolution since the Web 2.0 shift. The contemporary designs are based on social capabilities and the compatibility of design with diverse platforms and devices.

With vast experience in creative design solutions like web designing, web application designing, product presentations, corporate identity, and social elements design; your designing requirements can be outsourced to Application Nexus. Our professional designers offer reliable and efficient industry standard solutions that will cater effectively to portray your product.

Here are the designing solutions that we offer:

    • Web Designing - With the implementation of Android OS, and the Tablet battle intensifying each day, web designing has undergone a shift from PC to varied devices. A design that works everywhere is the need of every business which is a difficult task indeed. Well, it’s not at all a task for Application Nexus who has the expertise to produce designs which are readily adaptable to every platform, generate leads and seal the sale. Our approach towards web designing is simple – Plan the design which will suit your business keeping in mind the usability and ease of users, research on content depth and mould the design accordingly, ease of social sharing with dedicated sharing buttons, and produce SEO friendly designs.
    • Web Application Designing - There are a lot of instances where businesses as well as service providers overlook the active role of designers in designing the web applications which brings out an ordinary product. The Result – brand tarnishing and loss of customer base. The designing team at Application Nexus is extensively involved in Web Application Designing and has developed an expertise over zillions of creative possibilities, scaling the possibilities into prototypes and utilizing the web to its fullest. To pass the acid test of user centric application, the application is handled by multiple users to ensure its effectiveness and better accessibility.
    • Corporate Identity Design - Designing corporate identity is not just about the logo or placement of graphics, corporate identity design is a means through which your business communicates with the audience. Application Nexus develops a blueprint of the design on the basis of just a conversation and take it on from there. We believe that if the logo of your business can be emulated on sand, then it can work everywhere and create a recall in the minds of your audience. We consider that a brand identity should have a lookout for a century and keeping this in mind we will create such an engaging and impactful corporate identity for your business that it will communicate all your ideas and build a faith amongst the customers.
    • Product Presentation - Consider this – You have spent a long time in researching about a product and finally launching it amidst a lot of investment and reputation on stake. What if the product fails? Sounds scary isn’t it, but Application Nexus understands very well how to portray a product and how to deliver the spotlight it needs. In today’s era of cut throat competition, presenting your strategy and product to a board room audience or your customer base in an effective way is very crucial. Our Product Presentation services include Flash animations, Demo videos, and PowerPoint Presentations which are interesting and notable that would impress your audience and will deliver your idea across. Present your products with us – Agency style.
    • Social Media Elements - Do you view Facebook and Twitter as yet another addition to your marketing endeavors where people 'Like’ you and 'Retweet’ you? For us, social media is a complete department with social media designing, development and marketing strategies which can foresee opportunities and achieve growth in this playground. Application Nexus designers are experienced in customizing social media elements with respect to the audience by using custom apps and graphics. We view these fanpages as extended components of websites which can advertise for you and create a loyal fanbase which will spread your message at the speed of light.

At Application Nexus, we are a group of creative designers who can deliver all your designing needs. In today’s business, co-sourcing plays a crucial role as right resources can do wonders for your business. Instigating from the initial designing blueprints to the final product, our team closely works with your requirements and suggestions throughout the product execution to ensure that you get a pixel perfect designing and branding experience.

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