Corporate Identity Design


Companies which are based on the pillars of principles, values and beliefs; and have the capability to portray their morals into their products, for such companies brand identity becomes soul of the life for eternity. It starts very much with the logo and people often treat it as yet another thing required to start a company just like seed capital. While the seed capital gets processed and yields returns by the rule of business; initial brand identity design gets processed and yields returns by the rule of strategy. The only difference here is finances can have their ups downs and changes the course over a time but Corporate Identity CANT and shouldn’t. This is why when you are planning a business you can give a lookout for finances or say any other resources for few weeks to few months your lookout for the brand identity has to have a lookout for next 100 years what WE really think.

The logo or logo typeface can be divided in two types. One which just gets you started and on the way you can create one more to suit the new size of business or the other which is created based on the very first vision statement and spark of entrepreneurship and stays there forever. If you are sure that the vision statement of your corporation is not going to change ever, rest can be assured in your logos and corporate identity that this is not something that you are putting for your customer for identification purpose but you are asking for relationships with the customer, employees, stockholders and almost everyone involved in the business process. We are a company that have spent substantial time over reading corporate identity manuals and rather believed in what those companies said about their colors, lettering styles, placements of graphics rather being sarcastic about it. When a company is having a justification of the corporate identity for say 10 pages long then we know that the company’s brand identity is as deep as their vision and strategy. Based on the studies and our continued experience over hundreds of logos developed for our own products we work within following fashion.

    • Clients Requirements/Feelings: - The vision and mission statements matter a lot before anything else. We then see what is the name client has decided and if he has his very first punch line ready. These four along with telephonic conversation and tone of client used in the conversation becomes the first blueprint for the strategy we are about to execute. In initial rounds, we just listen and deliver our first mockup to see what we visualized in mind while listening is also correct while we put together in design. If it matches beyond expectations then we just take the story ahead. If it doesn’t matches, the second round consists of three different mockups to propose. Statically the second round requires less time and gets approved in most of cases if the first dint made it.
    • The rule of sand: - In order to keep the possibility of use of the identity virtually on any platform we follow the rule of sands in identity design. If the logo can be re-drawn in sand and creates the same effect in mind as on paper it’s assured that it will work on any platform. This leaves the idea of minimalism and simplicity on a priority however when these methods are adopted it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come on basic states. Basic designs and simple designs are two different terms for us
    • Corporate Image Considerations: - By Corporate Image we still mean a Graphic, a graphic that holds the company name and will be traveling with the company in business world over time. When treated as a person the corporate image will be seen as an actor which has a role to play and performance to deliver it becomes our priority thought to work effectively with the image and make sure the identity sounds enough as person to match up with the rest of ongoing activities of company
    • Identity Manuals: - Not necessary all businesses would like to have one but some simple guidelines that i)Things to keep in mind while using the logo ii) Color Platter swatches iii)Fonts and lettering style used iv)Media guidelines for use of the logo and such can be written for entry level manuals. For brands demanding more, a complete Brand Identity manual will be developed revealing everything about the identity in details as well the usage guidelines
    • The Art Experience: - The identity’s most important role is delivering the experience. From simple use in merchandise to corporate presentations to actual product the identity stays intact and keep delivering the concrete image of business either actively or passively. This is slightly different than keeping eye on where the logo was engraved. For example, say a logo engraved on bathing bar will vanish after first or second use. The way the soap is designed still should be able to carry distinct identity of the brand even if the letters vanish and users mind should still remember where exactly the logo was and a feeling like its still there (Though its absent now). The Art as an Experience matters and assures here that when user is using something they are using brand images rather than a product.
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