Product Presentation


Product presentations do two things. It tells “what we have” and “what it does for customers” and the quantity of what you have changes its scope for B2B and B2C world separately. An appealing and informative product presentation can be very much developed without getting bothered about the audience type. Every presentation can be worth a viral id done right and if it can deliver complex message as simple as then can be far effective in driving sales because you make customer actively think over buying decisions while watching the presentation itself. Comparing to advertisements it can’t be seen just as an entertainment point of view but rather infotainment point of view and if balanced out properly throughout the process it can create a permanent place in viewer’s mind.

Loosely classifying product presentations into Flash Animations, Demo Videos, and PowerPoint slides we know it becomes a different medium within when changes the type. Here is how we approach each medium separately

Flash Animations

As long as the product presentation goes we further divide flash presentations in three categories

    • Textual sliding messages: - We will rather treat this as many print advertisements put together or say a print advertisement in interactive space. It will have body copy, behavioral storyboards, messages that create an overall impact after getting the video finished and well worth pushing the replay button one more time. We consider white background over dark backgrounds and use effective typography as   well colors to create a taste.
    • Virtual Walkthrough of product: - This can be explained using simple example say a presentation about product where an actual product is rendered in 360 Degree panoramic where viewers can actually drag the product in 2D space like a real 3D world and get near complete idea about WYSIWYG feel of the product. Our base strategy remains as doing 2D animation in such a way that it helps the viewer in imagining the product in 3D space.
    • Flashy Viral :- We aren’t saying that it is still effective but a slide appearing after another slide with flashy screens and rocking music in background does seems effective for certain product when the client wish to bring glamour to the product. Especially for say some youth gadget or hosting company or handhelds. After working in the industry long we do the same thing what any other quality designers will do and hold enough understanding for the -

Demo Videos

This is basically divided into three parts

    • Software Effectiveness video :- This process involves using an actual software and recording the screens in order to show it in video. The process has to create an impact in mind of people who are using older versions of same software or competition’s product for that sake. We understand that there is some or the other preset mind about the niche in visitors mind and we help creating videos in such a way that it extends users imagination upto next level
    • Software Tutorial usages: - An audio narration plays important part in this type since the user is trying to use the software. This again involves using the software actually and then rendering them in actual video however while recording the screen it becomes far important not to do any silly mistakes, follow the narrations carefully and deliver the classroom experience without distracting users. While writing storyboards for such videos we also take care of the language used which is simple enough just like the contents you are reading
    • Product Videos: - This involves showing the actual product and its usage as well effectiveness for the users. Product videos are rather seen as numerous photographs those will be getting stitched together and having all possible technical details narrated while easy part is sliding through viewers mind. This again involves understanding the usability of the product to all details and giving enough thought on details user expect to know while showing different parts of the product.

PowerPoint Presentations

Yes it can be outsourced. Incase you are releasing it for 2000 people than just a board room meeting then it should be done agency style. And if you are doing it for just a board room which will then let you show it to 2000 people then you should still do it agency styles. And in order to deliver the right solution we ask only two questions.

    • Who is delivering that presentation?
    • Who is an audience? Presentation changes its patterns only based on these two points mostly until we arrive on the third question
    • What’s going to be on the screen. We take care of all three questions with attention to minor details and deliver your message to corporate and vise a versa.
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