Social Media Elements


After Internet, Facebook is second most visited place and while +1 social signals can’t let you decide what you should be selling overall market, the social behavior patterns can very much tell you what specifics you can still gather for your business. Social media is something that happened just recently and while few are way optimistic from day one on it, few are still at bay either scrutinizing its possibility of a success and while doing so everyday they are getting clear ideas that if they at all have to start where exactly they will be starting.

The first question that comes in mind is whether there is some person or department in your business that can be called as “online social media strategy, development and marketing” and then whether they can have a visible goals say 100% or 200% growth. The two adjutants questions can be split in two and then based on what answer of question two comes a question one can be planned. Facebook does whatever internet does and if you are already on internet but not on Facebook then you better start porting your internet image on Facebook and socialize as much as you can.

With vast enough experience in web design and application design we see Facebook as an extension where we can prove our creativity and understanding of business processes one more time. While doing so we do understand that it’s a land within land and a country within country and know that few rules can be little different and few are entirely different when it comes to design elements for social media presence of any business. Our current understanding of many businesses those who have just started with Facebook shows that they essentially went and tried putting their own logo as well as some videos. As not much customizations can happen for the personal profile; companies aren’t aware that the fanpage can be as good as the real website and though Facebook is a new platform we still remember that how social marketing in last decade use to happen by creating small entertaining splashy micro sites.

Taking some clues from whatever we learnt about micro sites and possibilities of tweaks within Facebook, we know a Facebook page can be a very effective advertisement that changes everyday and people will chose by their own intentions to come and see those updates needless to say when people on their own chose to see your advertisements then  its not about conversion anymore but rather creating a cult of a loyal fanbase who could possibly spread the message faster than any other media you can imagine. Below are some points that we will take in consideration.

Help your business behave like a person on Facebook

If we consider personal Facebook account for a while not necessary you know all details of all people in your personal network and not necessary that you want to do same things what you wish to do with your real friends; however people in your network still keep sharing things which might interest you as well and a propagation of six degrees of separation happens.

Treat the Facebook page as an extension of your business or site

The last thing you want is visitors to land up on your page and leave immediately. Facebook platform consists of more than 55,000 applications and we know how to use them effectively to create an engaging user experience. Such interactive and dynamic contents will keep the users glued to your Facebook page for longer durations serving you with loyal fanbase, who would spread your word like wild fire throughout. At the same time, we make sure to keep the designing elements on a lighter side so that the page loads quickly and the visitors are connected to your world without any delays.

Customized Design Elements bridges the gap

Over the period of time, we have figured out that cater the needs of the users who would connect. We customize the design of the page with respect to the audience who would connect with the page better which allows engaging them in an effective manner and building the road map to success. Suppose you are an anti-aging cosmetic brand, then the target audience for your page would be women from 30 and above. This in turn helps us to plan the custom designed landing page which would build an instant rapport, applications which are developed to immerse the audience of the respective age group and the designing of the content as well as the graphics optimized to give a rich and an intense social media experience. The images used will showcase the women; applications will be the one’s which a bit older women are interested in like cooking apps for housewives or family management and so on, whereas the content will be focused on better skin care tips.

Social Media is a mirror through which the face of your brand is reflected and it is there for everyone to see. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big, if you want to announce your presence in the Social Media, then just present it through your design and it will spread across every region throughout the world in some nanoseconds. The landscape of your business success on Social Media is designed by effective Social Element Design. It is a journey in which Application Nexus will accompany you and position you to challenge some of the big players in the business.

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