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Since the launch of iPad and Android OS getting activated on few more million phones every month, the Web Design has become a transitional design rather than one great looking concept targeted at couple of browsers. Today, Transitional web design is something different than what we would have done 8 years back and an advance yet stripped down version of what we started doing 4 years back in Web 2.0 Shift. Today’s designs should have social capabilities and multiple device compatibility before anything else and that leaves every company making their new website in a dilemma whether they wish to create a great looking site which may not work everywhere but remains as a great site out there or create a website that is lighter for any platform and doesn’t miss any single opportunity for any reason whatsoever.

Stripping down is surely a key and upto what level that stripping should happen is the strategy and on the way figuring out the process many companies realized that this is not what they wanted when the finish product comes out. Putting concepts in wireframe and getting it to converted to design has become faster than ever at the same time making that design to work everywhere has become extremely difficult. The question of could there be just one design which adopts to any platform, and behave like a super hero when advance configurations are available and remain as a humble human when it comes to limitations of devices and get the lead generated or sales done in both the cases remains unsolved by many design consultants in current scenarios.

Here is what our take on approach

    • Planning - When we listen to client requirements we will be asking not just the business goals of what client wish to do out of their website but also what they wish to do out of their design. Is it going to be a very different website for the offerings put in simple standard layouts or they wish to do there Design something too? For few clients they aren’t even aware of the fact that design very much can play active effects turning leads into sales rather than just being Jackets. When we get ideas from client our mockups always include how function A put in left area can be less effective than put area B. Once the base color schemes and boxes are approved we create positional layouts for the design putting blocks variations in different places in order of understanding Usability and  Strategic entry points of the website
    • The Actual Design - Once the final layouts are approved we take a systematic research for the content depth possibility and interactive pages behaviors and create standard guidelines for all current possible pages as well make sure its stable enough for all future possibilities of added functions and contents.
    • The Programming side - No matter how great the layouts look in designing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop,  those who have been here since little long do know how difficult it can get sometimes to port it to the application framework languages. In case of CMS we make sure all our design elements behave exactly the way they should be by simply working with the standard frameworks or having lighter CSS separately delivered in order to make the use of UI smooth. In terms of programming language we convert our codes to PHP Includes in terms of PHP or create separated file blocks in terms of any other programming languages needs.
    • SEO Considerations - When it comes to SEO friendly design we think standards of usability can be automatically considered as standards of SEO also provided no elements are developed using flash which is also one of the reason we do not encourage our clients to design full websites on flash. Since the continuous experiments with A and B testing we have developed certain permutations and combinations we have figured out places for Anchortext placements, H1 and H2 tags as well cross promoting other areas of the site via highlighting them in proper place of homepage and making sure that all important pages within the site are accessible to search engines within one step or two steps max.  Balancing robots priority behavior along with usability creates the designing job challenging at the same time understanding of both gets the design enough visibility for Users as well the Search engines
    • CMS Considerations - Design services offered by us are solely developed over the years; we being very good with the major CMS template companion’s designs.  When we are designing for CMS most of the cases we encourage clients to consider many templates already available in the market and visualize their concepts on it. Once a proper template is decided rest of the job becomes relatively easy for us and moves faster than traditional web design methods. While designing for CMS we also consider all the points mentioned so far and in addition we also see that the websites though based on popular templates do not look like just a tweaked version of the template. We modify the templates on great level to take the original template feel away and yet remain within the framework stable enough to continue using benefits provided by the templates.
    • Device Possibilities - Most of small and medium business websites opened on smart phones today mimics the original PC view and though it works that way reading 10 times scaled down version of that website becomes completely impossible for the user. While planning the design we specifically ask what our clients take on mobile platform and if it is very much is in plan then we either create an alternative CSS and layout framework of same design or we create a complete alternative version of the website itself to open on the mobile platforms. While it may sound time consuming if you have decided to implement your design over CMS it can take only 20% of more time of actual overall design to have mobile compatibility.
    • Social Considerations - While embedding a Facebook share button or letting user comment on the article using Facebook credentials is 'Programmers job’ keeping such functions in mind as well creating those blocks in the design is designers job. When we are designing either for big content websites or small yet buzzworthy websites our designers keep the social blocks in mind while designing
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