Application Nexus launches Designs Review


Application Nexus has successfully developed a website that provides reviews on website design, logo design and even e-commerce stores. The website is a channel between developers and end users. Website owners can get true and unbiased feedback about the design and user interface of their website. It gives them a chance to understand the candid views and thoughts of real internet users about his website. Not only design, the feedbacks would revolve around various other aspects like usability, social response, visibility and brand recall.

Websites owners can submit their old or new website here and get a website review done for a reasonable pricing. The feedback is descriptive and number of reviews provided depends on the type of package one opts for. In this way real internet users from across the globe browse through the website and give their comments becoming reviewers for the person's website. Similarly, if a company has developed a new logo, there is a logo design review available too. Similar to website review, a person can get the end user feedback on his corporate logo and analyze if the logo has appealed to them or not. Apart from feedbacks on mismatches in logo design, the user point of view helps in enhancing brand identity. Another feature of the website is ecommerce website review which tests the visibility, usability and user friendly feature of the ecommerce store. Getting the insights of prospective buyers and their experiences of the website is a valuable input for an ecommerce store. The customer's point of view will allow the store owner to introspect the flaws in his website and give him an opportunity for improvising.

Though there are experts available in these domains, they mostly give technical feedbacks. A company develops its website, logo or even an ecommerce store for the customers and getting an evaluation from these real internet users can be productive and beneficial for the company. The neutral, unbiased opinions will not only help in improving user interface, it has a potential of giving future leads too.

Besides these paid services, designs review also consists of a few free tools for their visitors. Consisting of a host of SEO tools including Inner Page Rank Checker, Backlinks PR Checker, QR Code Generator, Akismet Ban Test, Bulk Page Rank Checker, Bulk Backlinks Checker, Website Authority Checker, and Website Rank Checker, designs review consists of a Blog too giving valuable web development and designing tips.

With the cut throat competition in business, getting a website, logo or an ecommerce site reviewed can make a significant difference. With thousands of new websites emerging every day, getting a review would give the website an edge in the market amongst their potential customers which makes designs review one to be watched out for.

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