Application Nexus launches Infographics Posters


With an aim of catching up with the growing trend of infographics, Application Nexus launched a website dedicated to infographics posters. The website -, provides a platform for designers and infographic fans to come together and share their work. Popularity of infographics has seen a dramatic rise over the recent years, which called for a need to create a collection of diverse infographic posters, which is exactly what this website does.

The site has already started gaining a huge number of visitors as the motive behind the site was to create a 'Wiki' of Infographics rather than being a 'Google' and indulging into a paid monopoly. Infographics are not only fun and easy to read and understand but also convey valuable information. Infographics Posters can be dubbed as a 'social site' where new as well as expert designers can showcase their work to a large audience. It also provides an opportunity for internet users to explore the various infographics and also provide their feedbacks. The website aspires to inspire poster designers to showcase more of their art to people and also use the feedbacks for improvising on them. It would also provide them with an opportunity to inspect and learn from the works of other infographics designers. This site is a step ahead in this current internet world of social sharing as it allows people to share their passion for infographics. Researchers, designer and even infographics crazy people come together on this platform which would further facilitate the growth and development of infographics.

Infographics convey information in a visually pleasing manner making them immensely powerful. Infographics have triggered a visual revolution and with the development of Infographics Posters, Application Nexus has taken a head start.

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