Application Nexus launches Open Interns


An initiative to give graduate students a feel of corporate culture, Application Nexus has launched Open Interns program under which they will recruit students for a paid internship. This program is a part of their process to bring more young students on board and work on different platforms like digital marketing and business analytics. The curriculum of most universities encompasses an industrial training during the final year of graduation and post graduation. Application Nexus has used this opportunity and is giving internship projects to students from diverse backgrounds.

The plan was simple - In a city with limited opportunities, create a global career ladder with an effective Internship Program. The tough part - Convey it through a website which would be simple and clean enough to craft a corporate aura (sticking to the brand) and at the same time make it fun and amiable enough to communicate with the desired audience base. Bang On - A fun way to get across the information using FAQs and Blog (experiences of the employees as well as Interns), a corporate attempt to express the fun working environment in a video and a form to directly apply for the program.

In this internship program, they plan to give students industry standard training in various business aspects. In an attempt to fill the gap between industry and text book knowledge, this internship program gives them an opportunity to work on 'real' projects. Not only do the students get on-job training, they are also paid for their work in the form of stipends. For students from a technical background, Open Interns provides an opportunity of applying their knowledge to web development across different platforms and frameworks. The internship program also includes working on internet contents of various types and learning the ethics of Internet journalism. Another part of this internship program is training on Internet media advertising and marketing and involves online advertising and web analytics.

Open Interns is offering young students an opportunity to taste corporate culture and work with international markets. Practical application of their textbook knowledge, through this Internship program, Open Interns will give the students a head start in their careers.

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