Application Nexus to go Carbon Neutral by 2011


Nasik Sept (16) - Application Nexus Web services today announced its plans for going carbon neutral by 2011. They have also becomes one of the few mid size companies from India to join the bandwagon with hopes to start a new trends in outsourcing software industry. The company has already taken significant steps to help tackle the critical issues in environment change with the launch of its 0 tolerance policy for "environment safety" which outlines how company will approach to reduce its environmental impacts.

"Being small doesn't mean we shouldn't have ethics, in fact is rather easy to go environment friendly and feel good about planet since its very much possible due to our size and lifestyles" Said Ashwin Iyer Co-founder and senior consultant of the company.

Application Nexus's current team is thrilled with announcement of going carbon neutral plans and already started working effectively towards it. The team together will encourage several client companies and associated partners to bring environment friendly policies in place. The team currently prefers to take a walk in 2 miles radius and prefers public transport over driving own vehicles as well dropping plastic completely out of the use in company premises will help company reducing its carbon footprint fast.

Additionally besides not to work with unethical business companies in pharmacy or pornography.Application nexus today also announced its new clients selection criteria concerning environment. "We do not have any client or partner with a significant carbon footprint and we will not work for any company that brings harm to the planet" said Rahul Bansode Co Founder of the company"

Company is preparing for the first audit of its premises to see how the daily activities impact the global climate. They are also switching to notebooks instead of PCs with AMD processors in greater energy star compliance which according to them bring far less harm to environment when the power cut happens. "Looking at current power situation in various states of india its more beneficial to invest in notebooks than PCs" said Rupali Barve... Sure they cost more but you don't have to invest extra for the off line power generation. Further regardless what battery and inverter company claims a lead is a lead and we know how the chemistry works for an environment.

Based in Nasik Maharashtra Application Nexus a private owned subsidiary of various partner companies originating in America and currently work on open source softwares and technologies

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