Cubeking. com Case study

About Cubeking

Cubeking is a leading office furniture reseller based in South Village Way, Santa Ana, California, creating substantial value for their customers since past two decades. Cubeking is serving its customer base with the best deals and prices in new as well as old office furniture. The company not only sells furniture but also helps people in re-organizing their offices, starting up their offices by planning their furniture requirements in an optimized budget.

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About is a versatile portal which offers complete guide regarding dog breeds. Operated by some of the best marketing brains in North America, the site gives advice on over 350 different breeds of dogs, dog training tips, health information and much more advice related to dogs.

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About Ninja Novelty Signs

Based in United States, Ninja Novelty Signs is the provider of premium aluminum and plastic novelty signs consisting of various crossing signs, beware signs, street signs, sports signs, political signs, and exclusive funny signs. With a view to provide durable signs for indoor and outdoor use, Ninja Novelty Signs also lets its users to create their own custom signs and print them. The company also provides decorating ideas as well as tips on using their signs.

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About Silk Plants Direct

With over two decades building custom silk plants for home and office interiors and exteriors, Silk Plants Direct has grown into one of the most reputable silk plants and artificial tree producers in the world. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company has been importing, manufacturing, designing and installing silk plants and trees since 1980’s through their parent company, a leading national landscaping firm. With numerous projects completed in United States and internationally, Silk Plants Direct has served some heavyweight names in commercial real estate, health care, hospitality and other industries.

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