Cubeking. com Case study

About Cubeking

Cubeking is a leading office furniture reseller based in South Village Way, Santa Ana, California, creating substantial value for their customers since past two decades. Cubeking is serving its customer base with the best deals and prices in new as well as old office furniture. The company not only sells furniture but also helps people in re-organizing their offices, starting up their offices by planning their furniture requirements in an optimized budget.


Majority of the sales of Cubeking are driven by its website – which had a significant search engine visibility and ruled the top positions in Google as well as other search engines for the generic keywords such as ‘used office furniture’ for a long time. But due to the alteration in search engine algorithms, Cubeking suffered a major setback and failed to retain its search engine identity. required a complete solution which would help them to regain their high positioning in search engines as well as a user friendly website which would work well with visitors as well as search engines, thus converting leads into sales.

Application Nexus provided a comprehensive business optimization which helped to achieve all their objectives within a stipulated time period.


Application Nexus along with MarketingOC conducted a research on MarketingOC is an advertising agency which creates advertisements by providing services like print ads and direct mails and much more, bringing business to the clients. consisted of blog contents which were very good from information point of view, but at the same time the blog posts were not being subscribed or linked to other bloggers or blogging sites. This restricted the reach of the contents to a wider audience and despite having many blog posts; Cubeking was unable to attract much visitors to their website. had a large inventory of new and used office furniture under various categories, but they were limiting the information about their products and services. Their products lacked in detail description, so a rich content base providing good information regarding each product to the consumers, keeping search engines in context was the need.

Product merchandising by wasn’t very effective either, with bad screen presentations, limited as well as ineffective product details, reduced calls to action, certain areas were lacking navigation and minuscule home button were some of the mistakes committed by them. These mistakes triggered an unimpressive shopping experience amongst the customers which resulted in fewer conversions of the customers visiting the website.

Another problem with was its lack of user friendliness and simplicity. For instance – If the buyer clicks to request a quote for a specific product, then they are taken to a general form and the burden is loaded on the customer to select the product that they were interested in purchasing and wishing to request a quote.

How Mission was accomplished

After some intensive research and planning, we decided that required synchronized services for its visitors and at the same time considering different user levels as well as exploring the new definitions and the new avenues of Web 2.0. The mechanism of entire site was migrated to Joomla content management system.

The site is based on CMS for simplified update process, increasing inventory items, payment processing and the site acts as a one stop shop for complete business processes namely Supply Chain, E-commerce, CRM and After Sales Support. The site is fine tuned for a user friendly shopping experience as well as from information point of view. The items which are showcased on the website follow a current trend of demand in the markets.

The existing contents of the site were reorganized from search engine positioning scenario, although not losing on the value of the contents. Fresh contents were generated like office furniture guidance, designing offices based on current trend, furniture buying advices, office setup tips and much more. The overall objective was to create value contents in not just textual form, but introducing rich media experience through detailed product catalogs, high resolution image gallery and infrastructure planning. Thus, the plan was to increase the search engine visibility in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others by practicing ethical SEO practices.

Business Benefits

    • Request a Quote - The complicated process of requesting a quote regarding a specific product on was transformed into a much simpler and user friendly action. Application Nexus used Virtue Mart which enhanced the quote request mode as well as the product display in a much simpler manner. Jforce Suite, a CRM system was used for the proper synchronization at the backend. This has enabled to process the quote automatically or manually and thus, convert request into sales.
    • Inventory Module - The new inventory module which was planned and implemented; now lets the visitors to see the products that are available and checkout process on the site. The verification of order as well as the shipping procedure can be controlled by staff at the site backend. With the help of our effective marketing solutions, started offering discounts to its customers.
    • Website Development - The writing team of Application Nexus developed search engine friendly content using site relevant keywords. The overall navigation of was reorganized and transformed in a more user-friendly navigation. The Brand Positioning of the used furniture market in United States was monopolized. was presented with a brand status that it once possessed. A complete business optimization was done and started to rank well in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. With some big names in their client list, has evolved as a leader in office furniture liquidation with service throughout North America and internationally.

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