Case study

About is a versatile portal which offers complete guide regarding dog breeds. Operated by some of the best marketing brains in North America, the site gives advice on over 350 different breeds of dogs, dog training tips, health information and much more advice related to dogs.


Owing to the growing competition in the market, the company decided to revamp their website and make it the best portal in its genre. The company was looking forward to implement quality user experience by providing complete information regarding all dog breeds under one site. All this was planned considering complete synchronized services to the visitors keeping different user levels in mind as well as understanding web 2.0. required a complete upliftment of their site with fresh content and Content Management System that would further boost the pace and growth of the site.

Application Nexus recommended to migrate their mechanism to Joomla Content Management System that would retain the previous information, ease the process of adding fresh content as well as it will assist in better growth of the website.


The existing CMS of was giving some problems and thus, countering the growth of the site. It did not have specific provision for SEO like separate page title for each page with different headlines and individual meta words for each page. Due to this, Google spider did not differentiate between the pages of effectively. The website had 810 pages but Google considered it as one page which was a big blow to the site from SEO scenario. did not provide rich interactive media services as well as it was devoid of latest information regarding dog breeds and news articles. The site did not have forums which made it incapable of suggestions and reviews. This was a very crucial aspect because of which the site did not get much traffic – the lack of user interaction.

RSS syndication was not present which made it a complex site for search engine crawlers. One of the main obstacles for was to sustain in the market amidst the emergence of new competitors and at the same time continue with profits by gaining a competitive edge over others. It was critical that the site shouldn’t lose its competency over the time.

Some of the links with were not updated which left a poor impression on the users. needed to reorganize their navigation and complete the pending work to ensure an optimal user experience.

It was essential to fine tune the site from Search Engine Optimization scenario as it was losing many potential customers due to site’s absence in search engine rankings for some useful and relevant keywords.

How Mission was accomplished

After intense research and planning, Application Nexus designed a proposal for which advised them to migrate to Joomla content management system. This migration imparted search engine friendliness and assisted the performance of their business as well as their growth. The problem of entire site being treated as a single page was completely eradicated. Search engine scaling parameter of the site was accomplished and now, each page is considered as a new one making it content rich.

Downloadable items such as wallpapers, screensavers, greeting cards, slideshows and much more interactive contents were introduced to which attracted more visitors.

Application Nexus started new forums which highlighted the trending topics with the help of RSS syndication. This further enhanced the site, making it user friendly and enabled the users to spend more time on the site and interact on issues by voicing their opinions.

All these scenarios combined with other strategies gave a competitive edge to over its competitors and presented a much improved overall site experience to the visitors.

Business Benefits

  • Better CMS – A much improved search engine ranking as well as a competitive edge was gained by which was possible due to a far effective and simplistic content management system.
  • Ranking for competitive keywords – Due to improved Search Engine Optimization efforts, has climbed up the rankings for most competitive keywords and thus, attracts more traffic.
  • Better CTR % better AdSense – With the implementation of new CMS, was able to gain good CTR %. Now, the site was earning good revenue with Google AdSense.
  • Interactive website – The entire site was redesigned to make it more interaction based so that the users spend more time on the site. Application Nexus added several banner campaigns for both GIF and flash formats with plentiful downloadable options in wallpapers, screensavers, videos and much more.
  • evolved as a completely efficient website in its genre and is giving a tough competition to other players. Application Nexus provided a complete business optimization to the site which ranks well in the search engines for its relative keywords. has emerged as a leading portal in their niche and their rankings, traffic and revenues speak for their success.

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