Dump your SEO Service Company when they have NO clue of what they’re Upto

dump-your-seo-service-company-when-they-have-no-clue-of-what-theyre-uptoNo matter how effectively and proficiently Google denies the effect of link building and the 'wonders' of natural link building, let's admit it that they're a corporate and search monopoly, Period. That says it all and even if they deny it, thousands and millions of SEO companies are striving in the link building market to 'Buy' some quality links to facilitate the link juice transfer on their clients' site. SEO service companies have a huge influence on your website and it's the 'noble' deed of these people that make the difference between a cent earned and millions of dollars lost.

After all this, it doesn't take rocket science to stamp mark the statement that a site jumps from the 10th page of Google search to Numero Uno position for a keyword query. There is a huge guide of Things to do in SEO to climb the search engine visibility ladder gradually whereas there's a huge guide available of ranking your website by unethical means too which will eventually get your site banned. There are many misconceptions regarding how to increase your search engine visibility by ethical means and when a company fails to do so, they resent to unethical tactics which pays in short term but are heavily reprimanded in long term. Ask J. C. Penney.

The best way to optimize your search engine visibility is to stay within the limits and be aware of the tactics employed by your SEO service company. There are innumerable firms who stress on commencing SEO efforts once the site is completed. This is what we term as poor planning. SEO efforts should begin from Day 1 itself when you start with the site contents, which is an effective practice known as 'Onsite SEO'. Onsite SEO is 'minimalistic usage' of your targeted keywords in your website content which is a healthy practice. Again, too much of keyword stuffing, would raise eyebrows from Google and eventually you'll be punished owing to the desperate attempts of your SEO company. So, if your SEO service company is pushing you for producing contents for search engines rather than your readers, they have no clue what's in store for them.

The best way to stay safe is to keep a track on all the SEO efforts the company is putting in to push your site high on rankings. This is exactly what we do. We make sure that our clients' keep a watchful eye over what we do and keep them vigilant over our result-producing strategies. If your company hides their efforts, we bet they're upto something fishy. The solution - Dump them.

Yet another sign of an appalling SEO company is when they deny ranking for a specific keyword. Many-a-times, SEO service companies would recommend you to pick low hanging fruits by trying to convince you over achieving high position for a search query having low volumes. If this is the case with you too, then the company is not worth spending time with. They have no clue of what they should do and the end result will be wastage of time, efforts and your hard earned money. If they're good enough they'll shut up their excuses and prove their worth.

We understand how invaluable good SEO efforts are and what results they bear for our clients. We can say these things with loads of confidence because we've been there and done that countless times. So, just make sure that you don’t fall for the inexperienced SEO companies who have no clue of what they're upto..!

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