Ecommerce Descriptions – Not Meant Only for Search Engines

ecommerce-descriptions–not-meant-only-for-search-enginesInternet is no more about mails and connectivity; it has touched every aspect of human life from relationships to business. Internet has revolutionized shopping experiences because anything you wish to buy is just a click away. Shopping has always been about connection between a product and customer and this fact doesn't change in case of online shopping too. Establishing this invaluable connection in case of ecommerce is difficult as the customer cannot physically see you or your product giving rise to a question of trust and the effectiveness of your product.

What adds to the complexity is availability of innumerable ecommerce stores selling similar product which give users a chance of drifting away from your website. So, whether you are launching a new ecommerce site or have an existing ecommerce business, most important factor is not just attracting visitors, but turning them into customers- new and existing.

It is said that mere good design is not enough; a website needs quality content to make it a visitor's choice. Ecommerce websites are no exception to this rule. But if you are wondering that ecommerce websites do not have any content or too less content which makes the role of contents insignificant, think again. The most important component of an ecommerce site is content in the form of product descriptions. After all, you are proposing your product to the prospective customer and the only way to communicate the features and usability is the product description. So, if your shopping cart product description is not strong enough to catch the customer's attention, do you think they would buy from your site or even stay on the website for long? This is not a new discovery; it is a truth prevalent since ecommerce started. Yet, most ecommerce store owners and designers give least importance to ecommerce contents.

In fact, search engines have gained higher priority for an ecommerce site, even higher than customers. Most ecommerce stores have product descriptions that enable a higher ranking on search engines and making the ecommerce contents blunt as well as uninteresting. Rather than a description, from start to end they become a list of product features stuffed with numerous keywords between them. This boring, search engine oriented product description for the same product continues on various websites. If you check the product descriptions for duplicate contents, you would be surprised to see that hundreds of other sites in the same market are using almost same descriptions.

We gave this entire search engine game, a thought and came up with a simple key for ourselves - Buyers on the ecommerce store won't be search engines but People. People like you and Us. So why not create contents that would stay true to the product as well as entertain our readers. The agenda was simple - Get visitors, search engines will follow rather than vice-versa and to the surprise of many, this actually works.

The product descriptions we write are unique and fun to read. They have the ability of gripping the visitor's attention, interest him in the product and amuse him too. After going through a product and its product description, he'll surely want to discover the other product and next and next. What makes our product descriptions successful is their power of captivating the customers. We also know the importance of search engine ranking, hence our product descriptions are a blend of creativity matter with 'essential' keywords and not like every other ecommerce store with keywords and a few words of creativity here and there.

If you want to ensure that your ecommerce store stands out amongst the hundreds and thousands of ecommerce sites, create your site and the products descriptions keeping customer in mind. Rest will automatically flow along!

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