Multiple User Friendly Joomla Modules Developed


Developers at Application Nexus have taken development of user friendly websites a step further. They have used the adaptability feature of Joomla to develop modules that facilitate better slideshows and featured posts. Owing to the increasing needs of creativity in the sites, and the lack of options to do so, the developers worked on writing modules and extensions to create something that would differentiate their site from the crowd.

Though there are free modules available in Joomla for slideshows and featured posts, the newly developed modules are easy to use for the designer as well as enhance the look of websites.

Slide show is the show stopper for any website as it is the first component that hooks a visitor's attention. The motive was clear - a fashion portfolio kind of slideshow couldn't be used for a finance website. The newly developed slideshow module enables the customization of slideshows into different styles according to the various niches of the site which was not possible with the free modules available in Joomla. The designers have used the newly developed module for different websites like and They have also developed a module that customizes the featured posts. In the free featured posts module available in Joomla, the content is fetched automatically, with the choice of categories but not individual articles. But with the new module, it is possible to control, from backend, selected articles which should appear in featured posts.

To make the website more designer friendly, they have also developed a module that can control the articles that are featured in the recent and latest posts. In the free Joomla module, it was not possible to give links to the image in the horizontal slider at the bottom. With the new module, it is possible to give links to the images in the horizontal slider bar. Thus, now a user can access the article simply by clicking on an image.

The various modules developed have not only helped designers in creating more attractive websites, it has also taken the user experience to the next level.

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