Case Study

About Ninja Novelty Signs

Based in United States, Ninja Novelty Signs is the provider of premium aluminum and plastic novelty signs consisting of various crossing signs, beware signs, street signs, sports signs, political signs, and exclusive funny signs. With a view to provide durable signs for indoor and outdoor use, Ninja Novelty Signs also lets its users to create their own custom signs and print them. The company also provides decorating ideas as well as tips on using their signs.


Been there and done that for numerous ecommerce websites, Application Nexus provided the complete business optimization to Ninja Novelty Signs which was expected to be smooth, but the content requirements of the site were posing quite a challenge as compared to the numerous other ecommerce sites we had worked upon. As the company boasts of an inventory full of funny signs, sometimes serious novelty signs, the overall tone of the product descriptions needed a watchful yet entertaining approach to keep the audience amused as well as interested in the product.

Search Engine results for the keywords targeted by Ninja Signs consisted of a fairly large number of sites which were just providing information and sign regulations (non-ecommerce websites). This is where we had to distinguish the contents to portray ourselves as an ecommerce site and indulge in search engine friendly content to help standout amongst the shoppers. Dynamic contents which weren't 'recycled' from other similar websites and impressive graphics to engage the customers were the priority.


Our research and analysis showed that there were numerous players who were using different versions of default manufacturing descriptions and feeding search engines, those similar basic and bland editions which had possibly been indexed by Google around zillions of times. Figuring out fresh contents based on their audience base, yet sticking to the product features was turning out to be a daunting task.

As majority of the signs were funny, a humorous description followed by a few product features which made sense, how the product works and suggestions where signs can be used, formed the basic structure of each shopping cart product description. It was clear that the product descriptions needed to work as appetizers before tasting the product, and not just any appetizer will do but the one which made use of new ingredients and had a fresh feeling about itself.

A complete content blueprint was developed starting with defining an audience base and creating a possible content grid. A strong content foundation based on marketing objectives was required which would ease the product projection and aid in selling the product.

How Mission was Accomplished

The strategy was simple; avoid filling the 'Lorem Ipsum' space with repetitive words or generic contents, but something which would provide value to the customers. Instead of going the traditional way, Application Nexus went against the odds and instead of the normal 'yada yada', the product descriptions acted like a conversation. As the name of the website itself portrays a Ninja, our product descriptions were written like a real person. We dumped the 'copy-paste and recycle' approach, adopting rich and information laden content which was given a priority and that helped in attracting and retaining customers.

It would be misleading if we repeat the same cliche – Write for the audience and not the search engines. We made sure that Ninja Novelty Signs product descriptions would engage the potential leads but also appeal to the search engines. A fair bit of onsite SEO in the form of targeting keywords in the content copy was the approach as an appropriate blend of Creativity + SEO = Better Conversion and Ranking.

Ninja Novelty Signs boasts of a wide array of categories and each sign of the respective category made use of a lingo which would complement and define the signs perfectly. Dorm signs made use of college slang whereas quite a few explicit Not Allowed signs made use of abusive words to portray the product as well as its overall persona and an aura of authoritative attitude. Over the Hill signs made fun of 'Old Farts' and the office signs were written in a way which would redefine the imposing office culture.


Application Nexus did not execute the contents of Ninja Novelty Signs in a traditional way where a bunch of creative people executed the task from start to end. Each product description was developed in such a way that it forms a part of compelling asset with top notch understanding of the product and reader base. A complete business optimization made sure that the site ranks well and the individual products too rank with the contents not only helping in better revenues but also contributing towards a delightful fun read. Ninja Novelty Signs depicts the perfect example of Content is King, ruled by its 'thought leaders'.

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