Wonder Woman for DC


An unofficial fan site of Wonder Woman, www.wonderwomanfordc.com, is all about the popular superhero who has won the hearts of millions. The website emphasizes on information about the evolution of Wonder Woman, her role in the DC comics and how she saves the world every time from those evil super villains. It also talks about the cultural impact of Wonder Woman in different countries and how she became renowned as a symbol of ‘Girl Power’. The graphic rich user interface enhances the overall looks of this website. Also, the slideshow on the homepage and the easy navigation features that enable users to instantly browse from one section of the site to the other contribute to its sophisticated functionality. All in all, the perfect balance between the content, design and interface give this website a lively personality.

Tips on Small Business


www.tipsonsmallbusiness.com is an information based website that can be your reference Bible if you are planning to start a small business. It features a wide array of articles that talk about starting a small scale business, the various aspects of business finances along with useful tips on sustaining and growing in the competitive markets. The simple yet concrete template used in the website development gives it a professional view. The graphical slideshow further enhances the usability of the site and provides the users a rich experience. The easy and flexible navigation allows users to go from one page to the other with a click of the mouse. Overall, it is an excellent blend of informative articles, smooth graphical user interface and sleek website design which delivers the message bang on target.

Movie Bloggers


www.movie-bloggers.com is a design wealthy website that talks about some of the most acclaimed animated movies created by entertainment giants such as Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers and Pixar. The home page of this website features an amusing slideshow along with a picturesque page layout. The site offers ample information about animated movies and short films and also provides neutral yet appealing movie reviews. Rich in everything from content to design, user interface, navigation and appearance, Movie Bloggers is an example of a pixel perfect website. The website is not just a virtual image; it gives the users a sense of complete liveliness!

Design Myself


www.designmyself.net is a fashion and lifestyle website that touches the lives of adolescent and teenage girls in its every pixel. Starting with the homepage, the slideshow acts as the highlight of the site along with the simple yet alluring page layout. The site also features an intelligent and interactive web application that enables users to check out their daily horoscope. The website is not only rich in graphics and design, but also features ample of well-written articles about fashion, fitness, lifestyle and relationships developed from the modern day girls’ viewpoint. With a wonderful combination of stylish design, sophisticated content, easy navigation and beautiful graphics, Design Myself is a happening website that strikes the cord in every visitor.

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