Case Study

About Silk Plants Direct

With over two decades building custom silk plants for home and office interiors and exteriors, Silk Plants Direct has grown into one of the most reputable silk plants and artificial tree producers in the world. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company has been importing, manufacturing, designing and installing silk plants and trees since 1980’s through their parent company, a leading national landscaping firm. With numerous projects completed in United States and internationally, Silk Plants Direct has served some heavyweight names in commercial real estate, health care, hospitality and other industries.


Through its parent company, the firm was already in B2B (business-to-business) market and was quite a monopoly business when it came to designing and installing artificial trees in commercial estates and industries. They were looking to enter the consumer market with a view to establish the same monopoly with the help of custom products and a large inventory that would appeal to households as well as offices.

The folks at Silk Plants Direct wanted to develop a website, thus a business, for the masses which required a complete business solution. A website with dynamic contents and graphics to appeal to the customers, a user-friendly interface and site architecture which would deliver on the parameters of ease for the users and on relevance for search engines as well as a ‘bang-on’ marketing strategy which would stand out amongst the market and competition.


The biggest challenge was developing site from the scratch which required an intensive research - a complete blueprint of the project. As glamorous it may sound and as conceptually vivid it may seem; it’s fairly easy to get carried away while developing an ecommerce store. An extensive market research and a proper planning before the click of a mouse is the key to success for an ecommerce store and this is exactly how Application Nexus proceeded.

First things first, a competitive domain name was required which would be simple enough to recall as well as reflect our products. A huge inventory with thousands of products was waiting to be sorted out and tossed into categories which would justify the inclusion as well as would rank well among the search engines. As we were beginning the site from scratch, a complete blueprint regarding the Meta tags, page titles, content threshold, and link text was required.

An effective product merchandising was required for Silk Plants Direct with attractive screen presentation, user friendly navigation with limited sections and categories which would help in swift indexing and apt search engine saturation.

How Mission was Accomplished

After long discussions and marketing considerations, the domain name was agreed upon. Silk Plants Direct boasts of a huge inventory spread across silk plants, artificial trees, silk flowers, outdoor plants and much more. Developing a rich content base was the top priority. Each product was thoroughly studied and rather than copying or just rephrasing contents from existing ecommerce sites, we made sure that each product carried an engaging yet informative product details which was not only appealing to customers but these shopping cart product descriptions served as a strong base for onsite SEO. A Blog was set up served the purpose of injecting fresh contents like cleaning tips for silk plants, tips for arranging silk florals, designing trends of artificial flowers and much more.

The entire mathematics was simple – As we had developed the site as well as the contents for it, we made sure that the site was ‘accustomed’ for SEO. The Meta tags, page titles, content threshold, and link text was carefully created after competitor analysis to extract the best optimization from them. Search engine friendly URLs on every page was worked upon keeping in mind Search engine webmasters guidelines which helped in improving the duration and number of pages indexed. Link popularity of the site was yet another parameter which was worked upon extensively. Quality of links was given a mighty preference over the number of links during link building campaign.

Over several months, continued SEO efforts were carried on, which also included local SEO to enhance the region based sales and better conversion points. Ethical SEO practices according to search engine webmasters guidelines were applied to generate an astounding online awareness as well as high traffic numbers.


As SEO is all about displaying rankings and no big baseless talks, we’ll let the numbers speak for our efforts-

Total number of keywords ranking in Top 3 results of Google Search - 12.

Total number of keywords ranking on Google Search results' first page - 26.

The SEO campaign successfully grew the visibility of Silk Plants Direct on Google, with many more long tail keywords ranking within the top 2 pages.

Not just Google rankings, but Silk Plants Direct has a high search engine visibility in Bing and Yahoo! results too. With many SEO experts at its disposal, Application Nexus made sure that no 'suicidal' SEO technique was practiced and every move was right from the ethical practices of search engine webmasters guidelines.

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