Updated Look of Website to Reflect Changing Face of Company


With an objective of enriching the visitor's experience on our website, especially for agencies, we have come up with an updated and refurbished version of the company website. The new look reflects the trend of company's growth and expansion of its products and services over the years.

Started by 2 members in 2007, Application Nexus, today, has more than 50 employees and the number is expected to grow further. With numerous successful websites and other products, it was high time that the corporate website also reflects the makeover undergone by the company. In the updated look, we have not only emphasized on the services we provide, we have also mentioned a success story for each service (a case study), so that businesses get a practical example of what we do and how it has helped our existing clients. Agencies have always played a vital role in our growth. So, our new look has been especially designed keeping agencies in mind. For every service vertical, we have separately mentioned how that group of services will work for agencies.

The new improved look of the website is not just about cosmetic changes, it is a result of the detailed analysis of the old website as well as the changes witnessed by the company over the years. The efforts taken in designing, analyzing, programming as well as streamlining the new website with the goals and objectives of the company has paid off well. Cleaner, well structured look with easy accessibility, this new look is bound to give its visitors a unique and superior user experience. The updated version keeps the company's foundation principles intact while showcasing the transformation witnessed in the products and services over the years. To keep up with the pace at which world is going social, the new website also has plug-ins for Facebook and Twitter.

We hope to live up to our tradition of 'Ordinary Miracles Everyday' with this new, enriched look. Designed to stay informative yet user friendly, this updated look is a true picture of what Application Nexus is all about.

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