Competitive Advantage

Businesses today face a challenge that’s more diverse than just of a vintage shop. The Online marketplace is a typical rat race and the online shopping experience is getting competitive every rising day, Competitive Analysis is the need of the day. Moreover sustainability of your competitive advantage in this global village has become the primary challenge for organizations.

After analyzing your market, products and competitors extensively, we at Application Nexus use our exclusive “ Gnome Diagnosis” where the DNA or vital statistics of your competitors are understood and you get an accurate and exhaustive understanding of where your competitors stand in comparison to you. Like Sun Tzu says “So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. “ Adding to that a 360 Degree Analysis is carried out to dig the entire depth of the reach of your competitors in the online sphere. We conduct proper online data surveys through various methods and also help reveal vital data statistics which will help you find loopholes, challenges and areas of improvements for understanding and exploitation.

After completing the analysis our consultants deploy an online balance management in order to compete with an existing ecosystem of the competitors. Further a deep and disciplined analysis is done by using different tools like open site explorer and Link Mining which leaves us with relevant statistics for effective decision making.  A one to one Contact is carried out with various other websites and Links are raised using various innovative ways such as contests, banners, and Gift coupons to name a few.

After an exhaustive research and effective deployment of balance management our team works 24 X 7 for consistent improvisation and optimisation in the strategies.  Periodical checkups are carried out on the competition and relationship is maintained with existing partner websites in order to assist with constant informative data to enhance the marketing and competitive strategies.

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