eNewsletter Management

Now reach your target audience with one click of your mouse.

eNewsletter management is all about rendering an efficient system for organizations to send publications to its members, clients and communities. We are not talking about “Spam” here, but rather our eNewsletter Management service is about sending the information regarding your website to your valuable visitors.  Further a perfect program which reaches out customers periodically with rich email and SMS services. It comprises of four elements; list of new prospects, existing subscribers, the publication and a program to facilitate the newsletter management.

Application Nexus provides you with an effective system for your Newsletters management with regular and periodic mailing system with one click.  For the online businesses, eNewsletters serve as a great medium to stay in touch with the partners, clients as well as customers.

Our team assists you to create result oriented newsletters which can be customized according to the targeted audience to keep them more engaged with your brand and in return enhance your brand recall.  We closely and consistently work with the technology to improvise the features and facilities of newsletters. However, ad hoc eNewsletter management can be detrimental to your business. With wide range of experience and expertise on open source platform we assist our clients to make newsletters more interactive and user friendly in order to have optimum Return on Investments (ROI). We operate our eNewsletter management services in a responsible manner with quality contents that will attract potential customers and expand your business wings.

Launching an effective newsletter campaign is half way of the road, the next is to have real time statistics to track and measure the campaign at every stage so that we can optimize and enhance it according to the changing market conditions. Our team will provide you the real time data and periodic reporting for regular analysis and decision making. With the expertise in the field, we assist our clients to optimize their enewsletter management successfully and improvise and enhance their marketing strategy results.

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