How Interactive Marketing Works for the Agencies?

With half the world constantly surfing the internet at any given point of time, the sales and marketing strategies of most business enterprises are following the digital route. And here is where these firms consult digital marketing agencies in order to create well-targeted campaigns and increase the revenues eventually. Application Nexus works as a source for these agencies and caters interactive marketing services in the fields of PPC Management, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management and Organic SEO. Our digital marketing services enable agencies to work effectively with their clients and achieve the required outcomes. In short, we act as the last cog of a mechanical clock which when turned, enables the movement of time. Here is how our interactive marketing services can help you as an agency:

  • PPC and PPM Management – Management of PPC or PPM, if executed properly, can definitely earn grand rewards in the form of potential leads which in turn would convert into sales. At Application Nexus, we follow a disciplined process to execute the marketing strategies put forth by you or your clients and work in accordance with the same. Also, backed by an extensive research and analysis, we can even work out a strategy that delivers the desired goals of your clients. PPC and PPM management services follow a value-driven execution along with a target oriented approach of benefiting the clients in every way possible.
  • Web Analytics – A significant tool to monitor the performance of websites, Web Analytics plays a vital role in the success or failure of a company’s online presence and reach among users. Our web analytics services are targeted towards the segregation and analysis of mission-critical information which is very relevant to the needs of your clients and proves to be helpful in their decision making process. A thorough research, sensible analysis and perfect execution enable us to provide intelligent web analytics services to your clients with the help of analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture SiteCatalyst and Coremetrics Analytics. These services are implemented according to their needs and provide them with the much required important data in the form of systematic reports which makes it possible for them to channel their online marketing strategies to various places and increase the productivity number.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media platforms are not overhyped entities, but their value is known only to those who have closely studied them. That is exactly what Application Nexus has done. Our extensive knowledge about social media and a vast experience in digital marketing enables us to cater high-end Social Media Marketing services to your clients. These Social Media Marketing efforts include the creation of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for them along with the regular updates and maintenance. All these social media platforms provide an opportunity to directly communicate with end users, understand the market requirements and mold products accordingly. We also help in the promotion of company and products, introduction of schemes or offers, escalation of customer issues and overall maintenance of the Social Media Marketing efforts that are undertaken for your clients.
  • Campaign Management – The promotion of a particular ‘brand’ is no longer completely dependent upon conventional marketing efforts but has taken the digital curve with time. In today’s world of digital marketing, we provide a helping hand to your agency in the form of Campaign Management services. Whether your clients require a well-directed Adwords campaign or a neatly planned Social Media Marketing operation, Application Nexus is here to deliver it! We work at the foundation step of the ladder and understand the needs and marketing strategies of your clients to run a success oriented campaign. These Campaign Management services are aimed towards the achievement of substantial ROI with respect to the efforts being carried out.
  • Newsletter Marketing – Promoting products and services of a company through online newsletters has become a component of the marketing strategies of several organizations. Application Nexus deems to work as an extended arm of your agency in order to provide eNewsletter Management services to your clients. These services are implemented with the requirements and strategies created by you or your clients as the base upon which the further apartment is structured. Our Newsletter Marketing services include reaching out to valuable visitors through periodic and responsible emails which eventually generates prospective leads and customers. With the help of our wide knowledge in the field and high-end technologies, an effective Newsletter Management system can certainly lead your clients towards the organizational goals that they are looking to achieve.
  • Organic SEO – A properly executed Search Engine Optimization project can work wonders for websites to get rewarded by search engines as well as to gain enormous visitors. Given that more than half the traffic present on any website is directed through search engines, organic SEO becomes a viable component of the digital marketing strategies of every enterprise. Application Nexus provides a helping hand to digital marketing agencies to service their clients. An extensive knowledge-base along with wide industry experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization enables us to render our expertise to your clients in order to rank their websites well in the search engines and also attract enormous traffic . These Organic SEO efforts follow a result oriented approach and can be classified into on-site and off-site optimization.

Onsite SEO includes:

  • Directory Submissions
  • Bookmarking
  • Article Submissions
  • RSS Feeds
  • Press Releases
  • Offsite SEO includes:
  • H1 Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Meta Description and Keywords
  • Keyword Sprinkling in the website contents
  • Optimization of the landing page

Application Nexus deems to be the extended office for agencies which actively helps to execute interactive marketing strategies worked out by them along with their clients. With the help of an efficient team, extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field of digital marketing, we can be your additional workplace where the work of your clients gets executed and optimized to have better ROI for your marketing strategies.

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