Organic SEO

Do you have a gem of a website with everything perfect on it and still the website isn’t rewarded well enough in search engines as well as by visitors? Well, then your gem needs a polishing. Search Engine Optimization still remains a very powerful medium to market your website online. SEO helps to create a presence of your site in the market and thus drive in traffic. A Study suggests 70% of the average traffic which sites get is from Search engines. SEO Marks a turning point for your website which needs to compete with the ever growing online marketplace, that’s where Application Nexus Delivers.

With Over 15 Years in Combined SEO Experience, We constantly keep trying and improving our SEO approach over the course of time and we do understand that building a ranking does take its own time, effort and experience.

Onsite SEO

Onsite Optimization is crucial in helping you achieve top ranking on Search Engines.  We analyze as well as understand and if necessary change the Website copy, Meta Keywords, Meta descriptions, Meta Tags, H1 Tags, internal link structures. One Key area in Onsite Optimization is the Content Optimization. We firmly believe that Content is King. After analyzing and understanding the content written we use our patented “Keyword Sprinkling “on the contents created. The contents created are optimized for the reader first and then Search Engines.

Extended Onsite Optimization: We take the complexity to one level ahead and create a pathway for Search Engines to enter your site using Google Webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster Central . Also it’s not just implementation, We continuously do A and B testing to find out the best lead generation pages on your site and convert that Lead to a Potential Sale.  We also integrate Business Analytics, we monitor your site 24/7 and analyze and optimize your website to improve the ROI for you.

Offsite SEO

The Other side of the Coin would be Offsite SEO which can be called as the Complementary Discipline to Onsite SEO. A Strong Link Building Strategy is essential to help a site rank on search engines like Google.  We achieve this through various techniques such as Directory Submissions where your sites are submitted to handpicked 100 directories and crucial directories such as Yahoo Dir, Dmoz, Botw, and Aviva. These handpicked directories are picked considering your sites’ demographics, and Theme. The Business which doesn’t have an identity in Social media today is a business without a personality. Understanding this, Application Nexus creates a presence of Your Business in Social Media through stories and news that are bookmarked on Top 20 Social Bookmarking sites. Press Release Submissions sent out to various authority news sources to increase Brand Recall and other Yada Yada are also Done Perfectly.

Your Business today needs to survive and grow in an ecosystem which is too competitive. Application Nexus follows a basic motto of Under Promise and Over deliver.

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