PPC and PPM Management

Pay Per Click is the type of advertising in which marketers pay only for those ads which are clicked, where as in Pages Per Impressions marketer has to pay for per 1000 impressions, making both the advertisements value for money. PPC and PPM advertising techniques enhances traffic for your website, with an ability to provide long term benefits.

Eternal opportunities and quality traffic have made PPC & PPM as vital marketing strategy for companies.

With global and geographically diversified market PPC & PPM helps you to focus on targeted customers and help you to convert those leads into clients. With huge platform to target local and global audience PPC & PPM stand out in Internet Marketing techniques.

Why Application Nexus?

If managed correctly PPC & PPM can provide promising results. Our practices to analyze, research, optimize and understand competitive analysis develops a strategy that delivers results for client’s advertising goals. Further, structured process with disciplined execution at every level makes us the preferred consultants.

Nexus consultants hold vast experience in various products and are known for their expertise in the niche. We endeavour to provide excellent service to you because we cannot be successful without making you successful.
We understand client’s requirements better than anybody, which makes us work hand in hand with our clients and helps them to develop effective and efficient strategies.  With exhaustive keyword analysis and effective campaigns we have profitable conversion rates for our campaigns, delivering high Return on Investment (ROI) to our clients’.


If you are looking for just another PPC management company than we are not the one.

Application Nexus assists their clients to develop innovative marketing strategies with analysis at every stage of strategy execution. We want our clients to achieve their marketing goals for which our research team keeps you updated with current market information and trends. Our detailed analysis and expertise optimizes your advertising techniques to a level which cannot be matched by your competitors, which in turn facilitates our PPC & PPM campaigns to deliver results. With a dedicated team and expertise in niche, we make sure that our clients enjoy durable perks for their investments.

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