Web Analytics

Web Analytics is an effective tool to monitor & analyze your website, further it plays vital role to make your website more successful. Web Analytics have incredible power to optimize marketing and business strategies to achieve goals.

Why Application Nexus?

If you have online presence, it is most probable that you have at least one of the analytics services, but real value of analytics lies in your ability to interpret the data and take correct actions. Our consultants have intricate knowledge about the subject and their expertise in the domain helps our clients to optimize and redefine strategies. Analytics provides you with multiple data export & import options with ever increasing list of features, but you need a data that makes sense to you. Segregating and analyzing data to create relevant reports needs expertise and intelligence, and that’s where Application Nexus consultants have proficiency to tailor your analytics services in order to provide you relevant data with actual and expected metrics to perform and accomplish desired results.

Our advanced analytics consulting facilitate you to enhance your marketing strategies and have synchronized reporting for effective decision making.  Our experience and expertise helps you to customize analytics features to provide desired reports from web analytics tools such as:

    • Path & Navigation Analysis.
    • Goal Setting
    • Funnel Analysis
    • Traffic Management
    • Real time web Analytics
    • On demand Analytics
    • Campaign Analytics
    • PPC & PPM integration and Analytics
    • A/B Testing
    • Multivariate Testing


When we provide PPC & PPM services to our clients we also provide web analytics services to measure results. To facilitate you to innovate and have effective business strategies for your organization, we provide customized dashboards and reporting systems to highlight the Key Performance Indicators. Application Nexus team works hand in hand with your Marketing department in order to set aggressive road map to achieve desired goals.

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