Social Infotainment Apps

With more and more schools integrating tablets in their daily classrooms teaching programs, it creates an eminent opportunity for developers to create educational apps for those tablets. Adding further to this tablet experiences bundled with simplicity of a phone and display as good as desktop, tablet allows user to consume wide set of contents with ease of use for adult as well power users too.

The market for informative, entertaining and educating contents is immense and with  integration of social networking entertainment companies are  working in production or distribution of contents and seeing a fundamental paradigm shift over user behavior and their patterns of consuming contents.

Keeping the burst of social network in mind we are currently working with content application that let user share their own experience while consuming the contents like 'book reading and review' or favorite action movies they have seen or cataloging and rating their favorite Infographics.

The apps are provided free of cost and intended for a 'daily use' so they stay on the devices for longer times. The duration and user behavior helps delivering relevant advertisement on the go and social integration helps the Apps go viral as fast as it can.

We are currently working in areas of Infographics, image based Encyclopedia and Movies to evaluate the platform for next success

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