Travel Apps

Travel booking grew nearly 100% on mobile devices during last year in United States.  Mobiles and Tablets are having huge impacts on the general travel behavior. While internet is a default location for any traveler to travel  same internet accessed on phones or tablet creates a somewhat scattered process divided in multiple apps utilities and website. In summer 2012 we decided to take up this challenged and worked towards bringing this scattered experience in one consolidated app that allows user to do everything related with their journey right from planning a trip to,  connect all their visit experience and social activities to collect the post trip data.

Neatly organized granular data with high quality pictures, interactive maps and detailed information currently helping our users to get inspired, stay organized and enjoy the moments using our guidebook apps to the max.

With all travel related contents brought under umbrella service Pangea Guides we are currently one of the fastest growing guide book apps company and looking forward to grab a major share of the pie in the market

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